Late last week, a Seattle Times writer wrote a piece that featured her asking Dennis Rodman to reach out to his pal Kim Jong-un in order to ask him for a favor. That favor included the Supreme Leader of North Korea granting Korean-American Kenneth Bae his freedom. Bae, who works as a tour operator in North Korea, was arrested late last year for "hostile acts" against North Korea and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor, which the Seattle Times writer felt was unfair. So she called on Rodman to ask Kim to release the man.

Strangely enough, The Worm read the Seattle Times piece and did reach out to Kim. However, he didn't do it by calling him up or hitting him with a text. Instead, he did it on Twitter with this tweet:

Will Kim do Rodman a favor—or a "solid" as he calls it—and free Bae? Eh, we doubt it. We aren't going to hold our breath waiting for a DM from Kim to Rodman. But Rodman is really milking his "relationship" with Kim for all it's worth right now, huh?

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[via ESPN]