Recently, we named Carmelo Anthony the most stylish player of the 2012-13 NBA season. But Melo didn't always get props for his style off the court. Do you remember the stuff he used to wear when he first came into the league? Ugh. Big baggy jeans, XXXXXXXXL white T-shirts, and fitteds were the norm for him. Brooklyn stylist Khalilah Williams-Webb (peep her photo in the thumbs gallery above) helped him change his entire look, though. Back in 2008, she met him for the first time and, ever since then, she's been customizing every single outfit that he wears.

"The goal was to make him look more like a gentleman, to make him more relatable, in a sense," she says today. "He was known for being kind of on the wild side, especially when it came to dressing for games, so we wanted to tone it down and take it to a level as far as style is concerned. And I feel like we've accomplished it tenfold."

They sure have. You can read more about Melo's style transformation in a piece that the New York Times just did on Williams-Webb. Check it out over here.

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[via NYT]