If you were impressed by what Calvin Johnson was able to do last season when he broke the NFL's single-season receiving yards record, then prepare to amazed. According to Megatron, he broke the record while playing with broken fingers. Yes, broken fingers. He didn't know that several of his fingers were broken last season when he caught 122 receptions for 1,964 yards to set the record. But they were most definitely broken and they remain injured because he hasn't undergone any surgery on them in the offseason.

"The thing with a lot of football players, if you have injuries, unless you know about it, you just think it's something that's hurting," he said today, "so you just keep on playing."

Wow. If he was able to "keep on playing" and record almost 2,000 receiving yards last season with broken fingers, can you imagine what he could have done if he was healthy? That should be enough to give a few cornerbacks out there nightmares this offseason.

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[via ESPN]

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