Earlier this month, we told you about a 300-pound black bear that totaled a Toyota Matrix. It was a pretty crazy story, for sure, but we can't say that we were all that surprised to hear about a bear doing some serious damage to a car. It is, after all, a bear. But we were surprised to hear about a much different kind of animal trying to attack a car in Almoga Township, Maine on Tuesday afternoon.

That animal? A cow. Yes, a cow. Animal control officers had to be called to a home in Almoga County after a cow showed up in someone's yard and attempted to charge at their vehicle. The cow also tried to charge at the person who owned the vehicle and then attempted to break into the home on the property. All in all, it was a pretty wild scene that, fortunately, ended before the cow was able to do any real damage.

So why did the cow flip out and almost cause a huge problem for the owner of the car? No one knows. But it's pretty clear that the cow had beef with someone. And if we were the owner of that car, we would watch our back.

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[via MLive]