A 5-year-old boy from Madison, N.C. wants to be known as "Caleb Batman" from now on. And after what he did early last week, he definitely deserves the nickname.

Last Tuesday, Caleb Taylor's mom Sandra suffered a seizure while she was driving with him in the car. When she did, she was unable to control the car and, in all likelihood, was going to get into an accident. But when he saw his mother suffer the seizure, little Caleb sprung into action. He took off his seatbelt, climbed into the front seat, started steering the car, and ripped the keys out of the ignition. He did exactly what his father had told him to do if he ever found himself in that situation.

"It's just a miracle of the Lord that he was there at the right place at the right time to give him the strength and the courage to know what to do," Robert Taylor said shortly after the incident.

So Caleb Batman it is, kid. You earned it!

[via NBC News]