This generation's Michael Jordan. Yeah, we said it. LeBron may not have the rings yet, but he's becoming just as popular as MJ was. James has single-handedly changed today's game, and has seemingly lived up to the insurmountable hype he had out of high school. He's charismatic, has athletic gifts that we've never seen before on someone his size, and he's been as big a talking point in sports media as we may have ever seen.

Kevin “The Durantula” Durant is truly one of the most unique players the NBA has ever seen. In his short time in the league Durant has racked up accolades like the 2008 Rookie of the Year, four All-Star appearances, and three scoring titles. No one with his body type has really played the game like this before. KD is tall and lanky with a pretty shooting stroke, plus he’s also surprisingly physical when it comes to taking on opponents and driving the lane. He’s become a charismatic figure in his own right.

In short, he’s a new-school player in an old-school body, and that makes for one hell of a player to watch compete on a nightly basis. Not to mention that both of guys are upstanding citizens and are great ambassadors for the league.