Draft Selection: 4th Overall, 1989
Length Of NBA Tenure: 1989-2004
Accolades: 2000 NBA Champion, 3x NBA All-Star

In many cases, when players retire, they simply fade to black. But then there's the story of Glen Rice, who called it a career in 2004 only to get rushed back into the spotlight after a book by Joe McGinniss entitled, The Rogue: The Search for the Real Sarah Palin. In the book McGinniss claimed that Rice had a one-night stand with Palin during Thanksgiving weekend 1987 at her sister's dorm room at the University of Alaska-Anchorage while Rice was competing in the annual "Great Alaska Shootout." After the news surfaced, Rice didn't respond directly to the hype and instead, went with calling Palin "a sweetheart" and "respectful." These days, Rice went into the world of mixed martial arts and serves as the founder, president and head promoter for GForce Promotions.