Draft Selection: 9th Overall, 1995
Length Of NBA Tenure: 1995-1997
Accolades: N/A

When he was done playing for 12 different teams in at least six countries and for 15 different coaches, Ed O'Bannon settled into a job as a salesman for a car dealership in 2006 before climbing the social ladder and becoming the manager of a Toyota dealership in Las Vegas. Then, in 2009, O'Bannon noticed an avatar in EA Sports March Madness game that he claims was created in his image. This discovery spawned one of the biggest cases the NCAA has ever encountered, regarding the payment of student athletes who bring in billions of dollars but do not see a dime, aside from their scholarship. Till this day, that lawsuit is still going on, but in the meantime, O'Bannon finished up his Bachelor's degree in history at UCLA.