When Peugeot released pics of its all new 208 T16 Pikes Peak Racer last month, the entire car world was chomping at the bit  for engine and tech specs. Thankfully, the Peugeot execs have finally released the info we desire and, as you might expect, this thing is an absolute monster.

The power-plant is a mid-mounted bi-turbo V6 engine from the Peugeot 908 racer, which provides juice to all four wheels. Peugeot estimates the engine can produce a whopping, mountain-eating, 875hp!

Naturally, acceleration is fantastic. 0-60 time is under 2 seconds and the car can reach a top speed of about 180 mph in just under 7 seconds.

We can't wait to see this thing in action.

[via Peugeot]

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