If you took a look at a hotel room after it had been occupied by two college football players for a couple of days, you would probably expect to find a mess. Sheets all over the place? Sure. Half-eaten boxes of food scattered through the room? Of course. Maybe some signs that a lady or two had come through the room? It's possible. But what one hotel manager found in a room shared by two NFL prospects at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis in February was almost beyond belief.

A manager at the Crowne Plaza in Indy was called to a room shared by two college football players at the Combine after feces, urine, toothpaste, and garbage were found everywhere in the room. National Football Scouting president Jeff Foster refused to identify the players earlier this week—he did mention that at least one of them is a potential first-round pick—but he confirmed the conditions and said that he was disgusted by what he saw in photos shown to him by the hotel manager.

"I can confirm that a room was left in an inappropriate condition and we're disappointed by both players who occupied the room," he said. "There was no material damage to the room; otherwise we would be pursuing further action and really be trying to get to the bottom of the situation. It's just very disappointing, and the people we feel the worst for are the people at the Crowne Plaza who had to clean it up."

YUCK. The players might not get off the hook for this, though. According to Foster, more than ten NFL teams have reached out to him to inquire about the players. So the Crowne Plaza maids could be the ones getting the last laugh.

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[via Chicago Tribune]