Remember when Kobe Bryant tried to become a rapper? BAHAHAHA! Yeah, ya do. What a horrible, horrible career move, right? Kobe should have known better than to try and come out with a rap album. He had no chance of breaking into the music industry. Or, did he?

For years now, you've probably judged Kobe's stint as a rapper off of his crappy debut single, "K.O.B.E.," featuring Tyra Banks. But, did you know that Kobe actually signed to Sony Entertainment back in the day alongside his Philly-based rap group CHEIZAW? Did you know that Kobe was strongly influenced by MCs like Canibus? Did you know that Kobe tried to start his own rap label when Sony dropped him?

We doubt you know any of those things, because the full story behind Kobe's career as a rapper has never been told before…until now. Grantland's Thomas Golianopoulos just wrote an excellent piece called "The Secret History of Kobe Bryant's Rap Career" that details all of those things, plus a whole lot more. Check it out over here. If nothing else, it'll make you think twice before you clown Kobe for trying to rap. He was definitely a lot more serious about it than we ever thought.

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[via Grantland]