Spyker's B6 concept, which is slated to be priced similarly to the Porsche 911 and is a serious jump downward in market for the company, set our loins ablaze when it debuted at the Geneva Motor Show this year. Of course, we resigned ourselves to never getting to see one in the home country, because no Spyker has ever been legal for US sale before.

This article on Fourtitude, which mostly deals with identifying the platform upon which the B6 is riding (probably the Artega GT, possibly the Lotus Evora), also mentioned that Spyker is only looking to power the B6 with a 50-state certified engine, and there's no reason to do that unless it's going to be sold in 'Merica. Yeah, so go sell a kidney, because this amazing car is going to come in between $125,000 and $180,000.

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[via Fourtitude