It's April. And, in most parts of the country, that means rain. Lots and lots of rain. Except, of course, if you happen to live in Colorado. Despite the fact that we're more than halfway through April already, Colorado is still getting snow. And it's ruining a series between the Rockies and Mets right now.

Last night, the first game of a four-game series between the teams had to be canceled because Colorado's Coors Field was covered with snow. And, today, the first game of a doubleheader had to be postponed because much of the area in front of the Rockies' dugout and down the right-field line was still covered with white stuff. In fact, it was so bad that Rockies owner Dick Monfort and Rockies general manager Dan O'Dowd both made their way down to the field to help shovel snow in an effort to help move the process along.

Call us crazy, but maybe baseball is starting just a bit too early these days. We're all for squeezing as many games as possible into an MLB season. But is it really worth it if you have to shovel snow just to get games in?

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