And the Winner Is...James Harden

"It ain't tricking if you go it?" According to his five-year, $80 million deal with the Rockets, James Harden certainly has it and according to the gossip columns, he's spending it on a bevy of fine women. First there was the rumor of him paying Webcam model Jenna Shea $20,000 to "hang out" for a weekend. Then there was the stripper whom he "blessed" with stacks on stacks on stacks (see the third thumbnail).

Most recently he reportedly began paying video vixen, Blac Chyna, $50K a month to be his girlfriend. Six-hundred grand for a video vixen to be your wifey sounds pretty crazy. We'd like to add that Harden hasn't confirmed any of these stories and Shea denied the $20K rumor but where there's bands flying, there's groupies flocking. Or something like that.