WrestleMania Record: 2 - 3
WrestleMania Appearances: WrestleMania XV (with D'Lo Brown, won 21-man battle royal; lost to Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart); WrestleMania II000 (with Albert, defeated Head Cheese); WrestleMania X-Seven (lost the WWF European Championship to Eddie Guerrero); WrestleMania X8 (with Mr. Perfect and Lance Storm, lost to Scotty 2 Hotty, Rikishi and Albert)

Career Highlight: Test was wildly popular throughout 1999, wooing Stephanie McMahon onscreen (he dated Stacy Keibler and later Kelly Kelly off screen) and then beating up her brother Shane in a Greenwich Street Fight—it's like any other street fight, just add sweater vests and khakis—at Summer Slam 1999.
Date and Cause of Death: March 13, 2009 – Oxycodone overdose