Wrestlemania Record: 2 - 3
Wrestlemania Appearances: WrestleMania XVI (with Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, lost to Too Cool and Chyna); WrestleMania XVII (defeated Test for the WWF European Championship); WrestleMania XIX (with Chavo Guerrero, lost to Team Angle in 3-way match); WrestleMania XX (defeated Kurt Angle); WrestleMania XXI (lost to Rey Mysterio)

Career Highlight: One of the most proficient, entertaining ("We lie! We cheat! We steal!") and popular wrestlers of all time, Guererro won WWE World Heavyweight title beat Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship. Also, probably holds the unofficial record for the sickest blade job in wrestling history.
Date and Cause of Death: Nov. 13, 2005 – Heart Failure