Stats: 16.5 PPG 6.7 APG 4.7 RPG
Accomplishments: 9x All-Star, 1x Assists Leader, Member of Hall of Fame
Teams: Hawks, Sonics, Cavs, Blazers

Not only is he a Hall of Fame player, he's a Hall of Fame coach as well. During the last several years as a member of the Sonics, Wilkens was a player-coach. As a player, he was even-keeled, balanced, never flustered. Although, he put up great numbers, he wasn't as popular as other guys because of his textbook style of play. Lenny was not only a great floor general, he was a top-notch defender as well. Lenny played with a confidence that would help him handle coaching and point guard duties. He wasn't a great shooter, but he was savvy enough to attack the rim and get his points from the charity stripe. There's a reason why he's the winningest coach in NBA history.