Recently, Tamara Ecclestone, of of the heiresses of billionaire and F1 supreme overlord Bernie Ecclestone, hasn't been driving her black Lamborghini Aventador, and it's not because she didn't like it. It's because she can't find it.

She bought the car with ex-boyfriend Omar Khyami, and it was put in his name for the purpose of getting a resident's parking permit, but was registered to Ecclestone's address. After the break-up, she tried to sell it but found out that it had been used by Khyami as collateral when incurring a debt, and a legal fight between the two ensued. Now, it looks as if he hired people to simply take it.

Ecclestone said of the matter "I made a formal complaint at Notting Hill Gate police station. My father has had calls from Ziad Shawadi who says he has the car and intends to sell it." Scotland Yard confirmed that it had received a complaint, but stated that there would be no action taken. The moral of the story: if you're buying a car, don't put it under any name but your own... especially if your father is worth $3.8 Billion.

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[via The Daily Mail