Last week, we provided you with a photo of Rihanna randomly rocking an Ottawa Senators jersey to the club. And now, it seems as though fans of the Senators have used that photo to inspire a new trend called #Rihannaing to try and help the Sens break out of a losing streak. So, what does #Rihannaing involve? Well, as you'll see here, lots and lots of bare legs. Men, women, dogs—everyone loves #Rihannaing!

Unfortunately, #Rihannaing was unable to help the Sens last night. Despite all the pasty white thighs that we were subjected to on Twitter, Ottawa lost their fifth game in a row. But, good effort, guys! Rih-Rih would be proud.

Check out some of the best examples of #Rihannaing in the thumbs gallery.

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[via Silver Seven Sens]