Out of all the emotional responses that followed Kevin Ware's devastating injury, Michael Bush was clearly one of the most affected:

If you don't recall, Bush suffered a gruesome leg injury when he was Louisville's running back in 2006. Rick Pitino revealed after the Cardinals' 85-63 win over Duke that Ware's injury is similar to the one Bush had. The head coach said Ware's leg is broken in two places and he'll be out for at least a year. He also offered this little tidbit, as well:

"All he kept saying‒ now remember, the bone's six inches out of his leg‒ and all he's yelling: 'Win the game, win the game.' I've not seen that in my life. We're all distraught, and all he's saying is, 'Win the game,' while the bone is out of his leg. Pretty special young man."

Pretty special indeed. Here's to a speed recovery.

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[via SB Nation]