Ray Allen is playing with a heavy heart right now. Although he's no doubt focused on getting the Heat off to a good start in the 2013 NBA Playoffs, his mind is also on a friend who lost a leg during the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday afternoon. He talked about it in the Heat locker room last night.

"We have a family friend that was there, that ran the marathon, and she's in intensive care now because she lost her leg," he said, before talking about another way that the bombings affected his circle. "A good friend of mine, one of the managers of his restaurant, the 29-year-old that was killed was his manager. And his assistant chef, I don't know if he said he lost both his legs or one, but he got hit pretty hard and he's dealing with that now."

Allen also said that if he was still playing for the Celtics, he likely would have been at the finish line on Monday.

"We would have been sitting at the finish line, me and my whole family, waiting on my mom and my wife," he said. "They would have been running if we were in Boston. So that presented some anxiety when I thought about it."

This is just further proof that this tragedy truly has touched everyone.

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[via Sports Illustrated]