Porsche has spoken before of looking in to starting a Formula One team, and decided against it, but the company never gave much information regarding why before. Now Autocar reports that Porsche's head of R&D, Wolfgang Hatz, spilled the beans on why Porsche opted to go back to Le Mans rather than jump into F1.

“We are a sports car company. Porsche has always lived for the transfer of racing to production cars. For that reason it was clear two or three years ago that we had to be back in high-level motorsport, and it was a choice between top-flight sports cars or Formula 1.

But the final decision was the only logical one. F1 was an alternative, but the road relevance is not there. Also, there is a lot of publicity around politics and tyres, but not so much about the engines and chassis. The aero, too, is incredible, but so extreme that it cannot result in any development in our road car understanding.”

So Le Mans means that we get cooler road cars, while F1 doesn't. Sounds like a good choice.

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[via Autocar]