Can you believe it's been ten years already? Exactly a decade ago, Michael Jordan played the final game of his NBA career in a Wizards uniform during a 107-87 loss to the 76ers in Philadelphia. He scored 15 points in 28 minutes and, as this USA Today article points out, he got several standing ovations from the Philly crowd who gathered to see him lace up his Air Jordans one final time.

"Now I guess it hits me that I'm not going to be in a uniform anymore—and that's not a terrible feeling," MJ said after the final buzzer sounded. "It's something that I've come to grips with, and it's time. This is the final retirement."

Although he's no doubt been tempted to come out of retirement on several occasions, he's stayed true to his word. And, while we've certainly missed watching His Airness play ball, it's been nice to see his legend grow over the last ten years.

"I never, never took the game for granted," he said back then. "I was very true to the game, and the game was very true to me. It was just that simple."

Yes, it was.

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[via USA Today]

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