Now that the 2013 NCAA Tournament is officially over, let's take some inventory. How many of you had really, really bad brackets? Wow. Lots of folks raising their hands out there. But we can't say we're too surprised. Just about no one picked Wichita State to make it to the Final Four. And, while we weren't shocked to see Louisville win the title, it was a little surprising that Michigan was the team they faced in the title game.

You know who knew that it would happen though? Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend Lennay Kekau. Kekua or, rather, some jackass who used Kekua's name when he filled out his bracket correctly predicted that the Cardinals and Wolverines would meet in the title game. She He also predicted three of the four Final Four teams, seven of the eight Elite 8 teams, and 12 of the 16 Sweet 16 teams. The guy even had Florida Gulf Coast pulling off the stunning first-round upset of Georgetown! Here's his complete bracket:

As a result of his picks, he won ESPN's bracket challenge, earned a $10,000 Best Buy gift card, and put Lennay Kekua's name in the headlines again.

The moral of the story here: You lost to some dude who thought it would be funny to use the name Lennay Kekua when he filled out his bracket. Doesn't that make you feel pathetic?

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[via BuzzFeed]