Year: 1997
Ride Reference:
"You pull up in your 4.0 with your bitch. I pull up in my 4.6 with my bitch. Bumping some other shit. You'll probably hop on my dick right there, right in front of your bitch, asking me some stupid shit like 'Yo dog, what's the difference between a 4.0 and a 4.6?' Like 30 to 40 grand cocksucker, beat it. 'Yo them shits even got leathers?'"

Jay-Z has always been one to remind you that he flosses on a higher level, and "Imaginary Player" is a casually rapped mission statement to that effect, but he's never sonned his peers worse than on this taunting track, particularly the end skit, which every self-respecting rap fan knows every single word to. It's not enough for this guy to operate on another level, he can't even be bothered to educate those poor souls hoping to catch up.

Remembering this classic exchange is probably what made Ricky Rozay stop short of asking what the difference is between a 57 and a 62 S while recording "Maybach Music."