Initially, you may find humor or joke around about the involvement of Wes Welker and DeMarcus Ware in Depend Real Fit protective briefs, but it goes so much deeper than that. Through The Great American Try-On, Welker and Ware are attempting to get your vote which will raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research while also raising awareness for prostate cancer. And there's nothing funny about something that effected more than 241,000 American males in 2012 alone.  

We caught up with DeMarcus and Wes to discuss The Great American Try-On, the reception from their teammates and the upcoming NFL season.        

For those people that don't know, what would you tell them about Depend Real Fit protective briefs and your involvement with the brand?

Wes Welker: Well, I think the main thing is that we're having a competition between DeMarcus and myself with the winner getting $50,000 donated to the Jimmy V Foundation in their name. And us, being highly competitive people, it's the difference between first place and last place, which is $25,000. So, people can go to The Great American Try-On, cast your vote and make sure you vote for Wes. [Laughs.]

How were both of you approached with the opportunity?

DeMarcus Ware: Two years ago, we were approached with the concept of raising awareness and money towards prostate cancer research and we thought about how we could do that as athletes. At first, we were like, we don't want to get teased about wearing the protective briefs, but there are millions and millions diagnosed with prostate cancer. And we're trying to shed a light through our comedy series that will put the information out there while letting people know that there is a product out there that is more than something for people with bladder control issues. 

DeMarcus, you mentioned your initial concerns about being teased. What were your teammates' reception when you did going through with The Great American Try-On campaign?

Ware: Initially, they were like, "I don't know, I wouldn't do that." But then, they see the commercial that tells them about raising prostate cancer awareness and they're like, "that's good what you did, man." You know, I haven't gotten negative feedback about the campaign because people see we're also talking about an epidemic affecting men.

What about you, Wes?  

Welker: It was kinda the same deal, but they eventually realize that you're doing something for a great cause and they understand. 

Speaking of your teammates' reaction, Wes, how has the transition been from one team to another this offseason?

Welker: It's definitely a change, from the aspect of relationships with teammates to moving to a new city. It's different but I'm excited for the opportunity and challenges ahead of me.

You've mentioned that you are good friends with Tom Brady. How did you break the news to him?

Welker: We talked and he totally understands. It was definitely sad, but at the same time, we'll remain good friends. So, it is what it is. 

DeMarcus, when it comes to changes, you're going to have a different defensive coordinator this upcoming season. Now, in retrospect, how was it playing under Rob Ryan? 

Ware: With Rob Ryan, what you see is what you get. He was a great coach and a great coordinator. Now, we have Monte Kiffin, who's been effective in the 4-3 defense which is a change from the 3-4 we were playing which involved myself being more involved in pass coverage. But now, I will be rushing the quarterback more often. 

How often have you kept in touch with Monte Kiffin this offseason?

Ware: Everyday. We talk about how he wants to position people on defense and my role on the team.

Going back to The Great American Try-On campaign, Wes, what drew you into supporting this cause? 

Welker: My wife and I have a good friend with prostate cancer. So, you get to see the effects it actually has on someone's life that's close to you. You know how tough it is. You see it and that's what makes it an easy choice to support a cause like this. 

Is there any other, maybe personal bets, that you guys have also made with one another?

Welker: Well, whoever loses has to streak down Times Square. 
Ware: We know who that's going to be, Wes. 
Welker: Make sure you get your body right.
Ware: It's already there. [Laughter.]
Welker: So, you're going to look good going down Times Square.