Import models can lie on, caress, and lick show cars all they want, but the real question will still always be in the back of our heads: Does she actually know anything about the car she's promoting? We're not saying that it makes the girls any less attractive, but it's a little disappointing when you mention how much you love the car, and she completely gets the make and model wrong in her agreement. It's like when you try to make a comment to your hairdresser at Sports Clips, and she goes, "oh, I don't really even pay attention to football." Then, why are you working at sports clips!?

Anyway, Melyssa Grace is not the type of girl that will wave off gearhead talk. You see, she's actually a racer and drifter herself. She spends plenty of time on top of cars, but she spends just as much time in her Nissan 240SX and an Audi R8, her cars of choice. She's hoping to one day put her practice to use in a drifting film. The Filipina and German Oakland-born model has appeared in Maxim, Super Street, DSport and Import Tuner, and has won numerous modelling competitions. Check out why Melyssa Grace is plenty of guys dream girl with her 50 Hottest Instagram Photos.

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