As of right now, there are no known gay NFL players. We've heard rumblings about one gay player who is thinking about coming out soon. But, it's yet to happen. It may happen soon, though, according to former Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo. And, if it does, it will likely include more than just one player.

"It will happen sooner than you think," he told the Baltimore Sun recently. "We're in talks with a handful of players who are considering it. There are up to four players being talked to right now and they're trying to be organized so they can come out on the same day together. It would make a major splash and take the pressure off one guy. It would be a monumental day if a handful or a few guys came out."

Power in numbers? Great idea. But, even if four players did come out simultaneously, Ayanbadejo realizes that they would still face some backlash.

"If they could share the backlash, it would be more positive," he said. "It's cool. It's exciting…We'll see what happens."

It's only a matter of time now. Are you ready?

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