Well done, Edmunds, you've officially got the entire automotive blogosphere up in arms. You've successfully earned your Boy Scout badge in trolling. Yes, judging how attractive something is is 110 percent subjective, but there are some declarations that are so obviously not true that the "eye of the beholder" rule goes out the window. 

Mr. John Pearley Huffman, the man who wrote the short, couple-sentence blurbs for the piece, said, "Every supercar cliché and every bad idea Lamborghini ever had, stuffed into one overpriced showcar. It's the worst thing out of Italy since fascism."

Oh really, John? You're really telling me, if there were no prices, no brand names, and no background on either car, you'd pick this: 

or this:

or this: 

or THIS: 

... over the Veneno ... ? Really. Hmph. Maybe you've actually convinced yourself that you would, simply in preparation for the shelling you knew you'd get for posting this. If that's really how you feel, then we're sorry. We're sorry that your taste buds have been so heavily distorted that you can't recognize that Lambos are far from the ugliest cars ever made. Is it weird-looking? Ab-so-lutely. It looks like a friggin' cyborg insect version of Emperor Zurg from Toy Story. But is it the ugliest car ever? Nah, son. Nah. 

Check the full list here, and let us know in the comments what you think of the claim.  

P.S. We're fully aware that we are the list KINGS, and we know some of you guys think we've made some bold and questionable calls, as well. If you truly think we've posted worse decisions than this, then feel free to rip us in the comments. Go ahead, have a blast.