When Louisville takes on Wichita State at 6:09 P.M. ET in the first match-up of the Final Four, we should all expect to hear, at some point, about the gruesome compound fracture suffered by the Cardinals' Kevin Ware. And while Ware's injury was horrific and odd all at the same time, it got the good folks over at Dime Magazine wondering what are some other bizarre injuries have occurred on the basketball court. So, they compiled a list with "10 of the Freakiest Basketball Injuries Ever." Obviously, you have that terrible Baron Davis ACL and MCL tear and Glen Davis' severe concussion, but then you have possible lesser known ones, like Tom Zelski nearly having his foot fall off after badly dislocating his ankle. Yeah...we know you're oddly intrigued now, so hit the link to check them all out.      

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[via Dime]