Wanna make a menacing gesture? Wanna bench your starters before a nationally televised game? Wanna sound off about the refereeing? That's fine, but expect a fine.

In the past few years, you've more than likely heard about a player, coach, or owner getting fined for a variety of reasons that range from questionable to reasonable. But do you know how much NBA players ended up paying in fines last season ($710,000)? What about 10 seasons ago ($295,000)? Well, SeatCrunch released a huge breakdown of NBA fines on players, teams, coach, and owners, the offenses, and some interesting fun facts, like that time the Timberwolves got fined $3.5 million for trying to circumvent the salary cap.

Other highlights include the fact that criticizing refs leads the list of most fined offenses, nearly double the second-leading fine—fan confrontation. Also, that one time J.R. "Sixth Man of the Year" Smith tweeted that picture of Tahiry is the only time he was fined for his Twitter antics. Ratchet, maybe, but not too ratchet.

Check out other details, including just how much Mark Cuban had to pay in fines and the largest player fine in history, here. The NBA announced it'll be punishing flops more harshly in the playoffs, so we'll see how the numbers change in that article.

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[via SeatCrunch]