And you thought trying to sell your house was a challenge.

For the last three years or so, English couple Tom and Shirley Wardle of Worcestershire have been trying to move out of their home. They've advertised it everywhere, they've shown it to potential buyers, and they've even slashed the price drastically since first putting it on the market. But no one will bite.

Why? Well, because since September 2010, six different cars have crashed into their home. Fortunately, they haven't been injured in any of the accidents. But they have had to rebuild the brick wall that sits outside their home six different times. It seems that their house sits in a blind spot on a bend in a road that drivers just can't seem to avoid.

"It's having a real bad effect on mine and my wife's health," he said recently. "And it's just so infuriating to see these cars knocking down my wall all the time."

We're sure it is. Take a look through the thumbs gallery to see some of the cars that have collided with the Wardle's wall. Anyone want to make them an offer?! We bet they'd take just about anything right now.

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[via The Sun]