The 2013 NBA Playoffs are loaded with great first-round matchups. From the Spurs/Lakers series to the Knicks/Celtics series, there are going to be a lot of great games in the first round. But you know which series we're not excited to see? The Heat/Bucks series. With all due respect to the Bucks, they'll be lucky if they're able to hang with the Heat for a single quarter during the series, let alone the series itself.

However, Brandon Jennings doesn't see it that way. Not only does he think the Bucks can hang with the Heat. But he thinks the Bucks can actually beat the Heat. In the series!

"I'm real confident," he said at the Wisconsin Sports Awards last night. "I'm sure everybody is writing us off, but I see us winning the series in six."

Wait, in six? You're not even gonna need a seventh game? Against the Heat? Riiiiiiight.

As Joe Budden said on The BQE last night, "Miami may fuck around and beat the Bucks in three games." HA!

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[via SLAM]