Date: 2/19/2010

When athletes get into hot water, they turn their communications over to so-called public relations professionals. The result is typically an uncomfortable, insincere apology directed at millions of people whose lives were totally unaffected. When Tiger stared awkwardly into the camera and apologized for sexting pornstars in front of his family, he looked like an absolute douche.

After revealing that he'd been in treatment for sex therapy, he hugged his mom and cried like he just found out he has brain cancer. Get a grip, Tiger. Are you kidding? Dude, you just slept your way through half of VH1's Rock of Love cast, it's not that serious.

Bottom line, no one excpet for Elin needed an apology from Tiger Woods. If athletes would just use some common sense and balls, they wouldn't need to pay high price PR teams to make them look like jackasses.