Have you ever lent your car out to one of your homeboys only to have it returned in less-than-perfect condition? Lakers forward Jordan Hill knows the feeling. Last Friday night, he handed the keys for his one-year-old Bentley to his friend Michael Lacey so that he could use it that night. But, when Lacey returned it to him very early the next morning, it didn't look anything like it did when Hill had given it to him.

For starters, the car was located inside of Hill's Marina del Rey, Calif. condominium complex. And, when we say "inside," we literally mean inside. When he got back to Hill's condo that night, Lacey had driven the car through a wall and into some sort of lobby located inside the complex. The car also had blood all over the inside of it and both airbags were deployed. And, well, just take a look at Hill's pricey ride in the video above. We love Bentleys just as much as the next baller. But, we would rather cop a busted-up 1992 Accord than be seen riding around in that post-crash POS.

Long story short, Lacey was allegedly drinking prior to driving the Bentley back to Hill's condo that night. So, shortly after he was treated for the injuries that he suffered in the accident, he was arrested and charged with DUI. And, Hill was stuck trying to sift through the details of the crash to figure out what his insurance company would and would not cover.

The lesson to be learned here: Don't lend your car out to anyone. Especially if your car just so happens to be a $200,000 Bentley.

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[via LAnewsLOUDLABS]