When driving, BEWARE OF FLYING IPADS! That's the lesson that a 23-year-old Georgia woman just learned when an Apple iPad that flew off the roof of a car in front of her got lodged in her car bumper—without her knowing.

Alexa Crisa of Marietta, Ga. was running some errands in her Nissan Sentra recently when she saw something fly off the roof of a car. She didn't hear it hit anything, though, so she continued driving. But when she arrived home later that day, she found this:

That's right. The iPad had actually cut through a part of the bumper and gotten stuck inside of it. And Crisa had absolutely no idea.

"My dad came in and said, 'Why is there an iPad in your car?'" she said. "I got scared and said, 'Did someone throw something in the sunroof of my car?' And he said, 'No, there's an iPad in the bumper of your car.'"

Sure enough, when she got outside and looked, there was an iPad literally in her car. Even crazier? When Crisa and her dad finally got it out of the bumper with a hammer, it still worked. The screen was cracked, but the iPad was fully intact and she was eventually able to return it to its rightful owner.

"It was so remarkable that it was thrown from the roof of the car at 40mph and still looked like that," she said. "It looked like nothing had happened to the back of the iPad."

Pretty incredible.

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[via Yahoo!]