When you watch the first street dirt bike and quad videos that A$AP Ty Y and his crew filmed last year, it's not exactly something that you'd relate with the word "safety." The group of fearless kids are popping wheelies on highways, running their hands along the pavement like it's a grassy meadow, and swerving in and out of traffic at high speeds. Ty Y even told us about a major accident he had that landed him in the hospital. Thanks to a new partnership, however, the chances of him waking up in a white-walled room just significantly dropped for the leader of the "Bike Life" movement in Harlem. 

As his mentality and crew has gained momentum, motocross brand Kali Protective took notice and made things official for Ty. The company sponsored him, and as you can see, dropped a whole bunch of new gear his way. Check the video footage, which now has much higher quality production, below. 

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