Alexandra Barnes lost it. We don't know what set the 29-year-old off or what kind of personal issues she was going through at the time. But, last week, she lost it.

Barnes, a West Palm Beach, Fla. resident, pulled into a BP gas station in Daytona Beach on Wednesday and started pumping gas. But she didn't just pump gas into her tank. She also pumped it all over her car as well as all over the interior of her car, where her two dogs were resting. Then, she proceeded to walk into the BP and steal a lighter off the front counter before making her way back to the car. Before she got there, a BP cashier caught up to her and took the lighter away from her. But, after rummaging through her car, she found another lighter and set her car on fire. And, as you'd expect, all hell broke loose.

Within minutes, Barnes was yelling at bystanders and telling them that her "babies" were in the car (they were eventually rescued). Then, she was making her way out to the middle of a busy street nearby. And, finally, she was sitting down and yelling about how she is "God."

As you can see in the video above, it was a crazy scene. Fortunately, the BP cashier was able to turn off the gas pumps so that an explosion didn't occur, and the fire department arrived quickly and put out the blaze. But it's clear that Barnes lost it and needs help. After seeing the damage she did here, we hope she gets it.

[via Sun Sentinel]