Dog really is man's best friend.

Just ask 76-year-old Australian man Herbert Schutz, who was involved in a car accident on his own property recently. After he got out of the car and was accidentally pinned underneath of it when it rolled over on top of him, he spent four long days trying to survive without any food, water, or shelter. And, while his dog Boydy couldn't help him out with the first two things, he did throw the man an assist when it came time to stay warm at night. He did it by lying across the man's chest so that he didn't freeze to death.

Eventually, one of the man's neighbors saw the car overturned, came to investigate, and found the man pinned underneath of it. When the authorities showed up to free the man and check on his health, they found that he was in remarkably good shape, considering he had just spent about 96 hours pinned under a car. And it was all thanks to his loyal dog.

"He is in very good care and is conscious and lucid at the moment," Schutz's sister said shortly after he was rescued, "which is amazing given what he has been through."

Something tells us that the man's dog is going to find an extra bone in his dish this week. Good going, pup.

[via The Upbeat]