Parking at most airports in the U.S. is expensive. Ridiculously expensive. But the price that a Chicago woman is being asked to pay for parking at O'Hare International Airport is even more ridiculous than the norm.

According to the city of Chicago, Jennifer Fitzgerald parked her car at O'Hare International for—get this—three years recently. And, rather than have the car towed, the city continued to give her parking tickets over the course of those three years. Parking tickets on parking tickets on parking tickets on…well, you get the point. They gave her so many parking tickets that she now owes about $105,000—the largest known parking fine in Chicago history—and the city wants the money that she owes.

Fitzgerald obviously doesn't want to pay any of the tickets, though. She says that the car is only worth $600 and that her ex-boyfriend was the one who abandoned it at the airport. But a judge just threw out a lawsuit that she filed against the city. So, unless she can reach some sort of settlement, she's on the hook for more than 100 grand.

Sucks to be her!

[via ABC]