You've heard of Jackie Robinson "the baseball player," but it's important to know that he was so much more than that. He almost seems like a fictionalized piece of American propaganda with all that he accomplished in his 53 years on this earth.

Robinson was a freakish athlete, a war veteran, a Hall of Famer, an actor, an announcer, a successful businessman, a writer, a family man and a leader in the Civil Rights movement. Forty years later, he's still an icon. Robinson has major motion pictures coming out about him, he has a week every year to commemorate all of his achievements, and he even got one of those Google doodles made up for what would've been his 94th birthday. 

With this compilation we pay tribute to a man who makes us all look woeful by comparison. In light of the release of 42 and the anniversary of his MLB debut just around the corner, here are 42 Things You Didn't Know About Jackie Robinson.

Written by Gavin Evans (@GavinEvans187) and Jack Erwin (@JackEComplex)