8. Hilarious Road Rage Fight - Russia

The farcical show tunes that the uploader chose to score this road fight are what really make this golden, but there's a lot of comedy here that helps the video live up to its title. The setup: a (disgustingly dusty) station wagon cuts off a biker at a turn, the biker angrily shoves the car, prompting the driver to get out on his tough guy swag -- only to promptly get the fade with one-hitter-quitter. It looks like the cyclist had a chance at making short work of the passenger, too, until reinforcements arrive stage left out of thin air. Was this a planned jump on this particular guy, or do all middle-aged Russians share the same passionate hate for motorcyclists? The sight of the driver writhing on the ground and the cyclist doing his best Bruce Lee dance at the :58 second mark is the highlight.

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