The numerous types of competitive driving are all fun in their own right. Drag racing, Rally racing through a jungle, or 24 Hours of Le Mans all require a specific skill set that takes years of practice to master. And then there's drifting. It's a sport that looks extremely chaotic, yet requires possibly the  most control out of any type of racing. While many of the other driving events require that you keep your wheels underneath you at all times, drifting requires that you get your car as completely out of control as possible ... while keeping it under control. These events are scored by angle, speed, and technical degrees that require the driver to know the car better than he knows his own body. We'd like to take a minute of silence to "ooo" and "ahhh" at the incrediblely impressive act known as drifting. Get the rubber while it's hot with these 20 Insane Drifting GIFs. 

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