At mainstream sporting events like football and basketball, people love to gawk at the group of dancers who wear sparkly outfits, high boots, and short shorts. They have funny nicknames like the LuvaBulls, are usually attractive, and do quick routines during TV timeouts. That's nice and all, but NASCAR people have one question: why? The fans who are in attendance to watch cars drive left for multiple hours are more than attractive enough to provide some mid-race eye candy. They don't need stinkin' designated women to provide entertainment. Need further proof that the NASCAR scene is extremely attractive? Just look at who the drivers have been linked with. 

We know it's cliché to say that women fall for guys in fast cars, but stereotypes exist for a reason. Professional drivers have a history of bagging Playboy Bunnies, Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, and pretty much any other hottie who sees some appeal in the checkered flag. Work on the farmer's tan, grab your camo hat from the basement, and bring your beer cozy: It's time raise a Budweiser to 10 NASCAR Drivers That Get More Women Than Rappers.