Would Resemble: The love child of George W. Bush and Paul Ryan

Playing in the NBA offers up some rewarding life lessons, like learning how to deal with others and maturing as you get older. While it's true that not everyone reaches that moment where they've finally come into their own, it's something that is expected out of the stars of the game. Being one of those high-profile athletes, it's shocking just how little Dwight Howard has matured since entering the league in 2004. 

If he were to pursue a political career, Howard would only fly by on his charisma and character. Similarly, both Paul Ryan and George W. Bush had good personalities outside of the walls of the government, however, once they entered into the field, they looked out of their element. 

Howard could charm the pants off his audience (and some groupies), but at some point, that only takes you so far. It's very likely that Howard wouldn't even cut it as a politician, however, if he did, America would love him because he's so damn funny.