A word to the wise: If you're going to drag race, do not—we repeat, do NOT!—do it directly in front of a police station.

That may seem like common sense. But, late last week, two men idiots from Duluth, Ga. defied all logic when they stopped a 2006 Corvette and a 2009 BMW in the middle of Buford Highway during the evening rush hour and proceeded to race one another down the busy street. Making matters even worse, they started their race right in front of the Duluth Police Department, which gave Duluth police officer S. Smith a clear view of what the men were doing. It also made it very easy for him to follow the men to a nearby used car lot, where he arrested 30-year-old Jun Suk Lee and 42-year-old Michael Rodriguez, the owner of the lot, for racing and improper stopping. Both men were hauled off to jail and later released on bond.

"I asked them why they would choose to park in the middle of Buford Highway directly in front of the Duluth Police Department to drag race," Smith wrote in his report. "Mr. Rodriguez laughed and told me that they had only 'taken off fast.' He then asked me, 'You're not going to give me a warning?' I then advised him that he was under arrest for racing on the highway and placed him in handcuffs."

SMH. These guys deserved to be arrested. They shouldn't be drag racing anyway. But, if they're gonna do it, why would they pick a police station of all places as their starting point?!

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[via Atlanta Journal-Constitution]