No matter how much you love your ride—and we're sure that some of you out there really, really love it—we're willing to bet that 0.0% of you would be down to eat any part of it. No more how much hot sauce you put on it, that leather upholstery is still going to taste like, well, leather upholstery. But, you're not 19-year-old Allison. She appeared on My Strange Addiction recently and revealed that she enjoys chowing down on—you ready for this?—car tires! Yep, she's addicted to munching on small rubber shavings that come off of car tires.

"A shock to your taste buds!" she said on the show. "Kinda like beef jerky with your teeth springing off it. It's a workout for your jaw."

Riiiiiiight. Fortunately for Allison, she doesn't have to resort to eating her own car tires. Instead, her boyfriend Sammy, who works at a tire plant, brings her home some shavings every day (how convenient!). He doesn't really approve of her eating them. But, we figure he'd rather provide her with a fresh supply than walk outside one day and find that his car only has three tires on it.

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[via Gawker]