We know that we already labeled this as a "fight." But, can we take it back? It seems like "fight" is the wrong word to use for what took place here during this Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey game recently. So, instead of calling it a fight, let's call it a skate-around-and-talk-shit-to-each-other-until-the-refs-get-tired-and-hand-us-a-delay-of-game-penalty-disagreement. It's not quite as scandalous as "fight"—and it doesn't exactly roll right off the tongue—but it's a way more accurate description of what actually took place.

Thankfully, these two idiots redeemed themselves within seconds of stepping out of the penalty box by actually—GASP!—fighting:

But, not before they made themselves—and their low-level pro league—look extra lame. Good going, guys.

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[via SB Nation]