While attending a local car show in New Jersey, we had the privilege of meeting uber- Ferrari collector Richard Stein. After a Parkinson's diagnosis a few years back, Stein, who run a successful law firm in Jersey, threw caution to the wind and began amassing a sickeningly impressive collection of modern Ferraris- the crown jewel of his stable being a 2003 Ferrari Enzo (pictured). 

What makes Stein unique, and perhaps a little wacky, is the fact that he has let over 100 strangers drive his $1.3 supercar. His reasons for such insanity are simple: to raise money for charities that support causes close to his heart. To date, he has raised over $150,000 and continues to raffle off seat time to altruistic high-bidders.

When asked about the risks involved in letting strangers behind the wheel of the Enzo, Stein repsonded, "You only live once my friend."

Bravo, Sir.