Most of the Twitter accounts run by NBA public relations offices suck. Well, "suck" might be too harsh a word, but…Oh, let's just tell it like it is: They suck! They're filled with boring info that's available in box scores, and they're not worth following. But, the @Nets_PR account has been different this season.

Helmed by Nets PR assistant Calder Hynes, the @Nets_PR Twitter account has provided all sorts of really, er, "useful" info this season based on ridiculous stats like this:

It's still featured some of the typical PR-related stuff (this guy will play tonight, while this guy won't) but it's taken a lighthearted approach to providing info for fans and the media. So, it is with great sadness that we are forced to announce that the @Nets_PR account will no longer be used the way it has been used for much of this season. Jayne Bussman-Wise, Digital Director for the Nets, announced recently that the Nets will not be using the @Nets_PR account for now and may never use it again. It's all a part of the team's plan to find one unifying voice for all of their various social media accounts.

You know what that sounds like to us? Every other PR social media account out there. *unfollows @Nets_PR* No, thanks. But, the @Nets_PR account was fun while it lasted...

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[via The Brooklyn Game]